Chie Sibbring

My name is Chie and I would like to share my Yoga Journey with you. 


Before Yoga, my work-life balance involved too much work, smoking and drinking and not enough sleep! I needed to find something to help me emerge from the darkness. 


I discovered Yoga.


Practising with my yoga teacher, Sir Dharma Mittra changed my life for the better to become more positive, healthier, happier and more considerate to others. It found the real me, Chie Sibbring.


I decided to dedicate my life to Yoga and started teaching in 2006 in Japan, U.S.A and the UK. I initially taught hot yoga but my new life really began as a teacher in 2008. 


My dream was to have a family and still continue yoga. I wanted to be able to teach yoga with my baby bump and share how to practice yoga when you are pregnant. I decided to become a Prenatal Yoga Teacher and have been practising since 2011. I was delighted to fall pregnant in 2014 and continued to teach yoga with my bump right up until close to my due date. 


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Yoga massively helped me through my pregnancy and I was amazed at how the pranayama and yoga position worked for me during childbirth. I have received many positive comments and appreciative words from mums who have attended pregnancy yoga and have also had positive births.


I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge and teaching other Yoga professionals to expand their learning journeys by developing a new skill by becoming Prenatal Yoga Teachers.